George Foster ran a small design and build company in the north-west of England, with an excellent reputation locally for delivering the goods on time, and within budget. George had been in this business for only the relatively short time of five years, but he had already built up a good profitable business with the labour force of 20 people, every one of whom he considered to be his personal friends. George was however a very ambitious man!

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He believed in attending trade conferences as much as possible, since this allowed him the possibility of networking with many potential future clients and it was at a conference in New York where he met Harry Coen, the president of a large engineering company in Baltimore. The two men rapidly became firm friends and after keeping in touch for several months Harry asked George if he would tender for overseeing the construction of a large extension to one of his factories. George put a great deal of work into preparing his tender over the next few weeks, and was overjoyed when Harry accepted it and asked him to prepare to move over to the United States for several months in order to carry the contract through.

George had no qualms about leaving his company alone for several months because he had well trained and trustworthy staff, and excellent overseer in the form of his junior partner Alan, and he was able to keep in close touch via the Internet so he excepted the contract, and got ready to fly over to the States. The only problem was, that Harry was waiting for formal approval of his plans in the USA, so no firm date for commencement had yet been fixed.

The day after he signed the contract George's car insurance renewal premium arrived, and he was pretty well shocked to see that the premium had risen by about 40% over the previous years price! He was in no mood to accept this, and since he was due to fly out in the very near future anyway he decided to take out a instead. The fact that he chose was a month by month policy which he took out for the initial month and which was automatically renewed at the end of every calendar month until he cancelled it, by giving two months notice. As it worked out, it was three months before he was given the go-ahead to start work, during which time he was covered for driving his car under his fully comprehensive temporary policy.

George flew over to the United States for six months, and upon his return used a price comparison search engine to find the lowest priced car insurance policy to suit his own purposes. He did not accept the cheapest one after having read the policy details, but the third cheapest appealed to him as being the best value for money. The actual premium that he paid, including a bonus for being a new client of the insurance company, was approximately 2/3 the price of his original quotation. The temporary car insurance policy that he had taken out proved to have been an excellent buy, in more ways than one.